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"Teddy" is the real deal - a skipper stallion with versatility, looks, smarts, and a stellar pedigree to match. He was raised by the Hosmers of Hudson, Colorado and carries their legacy of excellent horses.


Teddy is 100% Wiescamp bred, and comes from a long line of sought-after horses. He is a son of Slip Mia Magic, and lives up to his sire's reputation of sturdy refinement and willing movement.


Teddy is strong, athletic, smart, and beautiful. He is bred from true all-around stock. From ranch work and versatility challenges to halter and performance, he will stamp his foals with the ability to go in any direction. He is a kind and honest horse and passes his nature to his foals.


This is his first breeding season on our farm, and we are looking forward to seeing what he will produce on select mares.

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